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Dyninst 4.0 Features

Improvements | Unsupported Features


• GCC 3.x, MS Visual C/C++ .NET, and Solaris native compiler support (for building libdyninst)
• Alpha support re-enabled
• New stack walk interface
• Extended Save the World functionality; Saves any mutated shared libraries along with mutated binary
• Improved instruction iterator
• New IA-32 instruction decoder (includes Intel and AMD features)
• Added new method BPatch_thread::oneTimeCodeAsync()
• New snippet class: BPatch_ifMachineConditionExpr
• Improved mutatee fork-exec handling
• Added error handling for loadLibrary
• RegEx search capability added to findFunction
• BPatch_thread::replaceFunction implemented for Linux and Windows
• Improved BPatch_variableExpr functionality; Correctly handles structure members
• Improved performance during line information processing
• More efficient arbitrary instrumentation points

Unsupported Features

• Exceptions
• stripped binaries
• 64-bit applications (except on IRIX and Tru64 UNIX)
• use of system() (except on Linux)



Release 4.0 Features
Release 4.0 Software
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⊕ Release 4.0 Features
Release 4.0 Software
Release History


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