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Dyninst 5.0 Features

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Dyninst 5.0.1

• Support for the Intel and Portland Group compilers on AMD64/EMT64
• Stability improvements and bug fixes

Dyninst 5.0

• New instrumentation system allows more fine-grained instrumentation
• Dyninst now supports multithreaded mutatees
• Full support for the AMD64 architecture on Linux
• Performance and responsiveness improvements with threaded event handler
• New installer packages for RedHat RPMs, Debian .deb, and Windows
• Support for Visual Studio 2003 applications on Windows
• Stripped binary support on all platforms
• New and improved interface for accessing line-information
• Full support for dealing with functions with multiple names
• Memory footprint improvements allowing Dyninst to work on large binaries
• Performance improvements on startup with lazy parsing
• Faster and more accurate binary parsing
• New test suite allows for more thorough and flexible testing
• New parseThat application allows testing of Dyninst on arbitrary binaries

Unsupported Features

• Detecting and instrumenting exception handlers on non-Linux/x86 platforms
• Solaris 2.8 support has been officially dropped, although it may continue to work
• Support for the IRIX MIPS platform has been dropped.

Known Bugs



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Release 5.0.1 Software
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