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KernInst Software


Binary distributions of KernInst provide the KernInst kernel driver (/dev/kerninst), the instrumentation daemon (kerninstd), the KerninstAPI library (libkerninstapi) with example mutators, and the performance monitor client (kperfmon) with associated visualizations.

Binary distributions are currently provided for SPARC/Solaris. There are two Solaris distributions, one for 32-bit SPARC and one for 64-bit SPARCv9. To determine which file you need to download, run the "isainfo -n" command on the target machine. If the output mentions "sparcv9" use the 64-bit distribution, otherwise, use the 32-bit distribution. Note that the 32-bit version is provided on request (send mail to mjbrim (at) cs wisc edu).

SPARC/Solaris - 64-bit

Source Code

The source code distribution contains all source code and configuration files necessary to build the KernInst driver, kerninstd, kperfmon, and libkerninstapi.

PowerPC/Linux and IA-32/Linux (version 2.1.2)

Sparc/Solaris (version 2.1.1)

Supplemental Distributions

Here we provide the source code or binary versions of libraries with which we statically link our own executables in the binary distributions.



Release 5.1 Features/Bugs
Release 5.1 Software
Release History


Release 5.1 Features/Bugs
Release 5.1 Software
Release History


Release 2.1.2 Features
⊕ Release 2.1.2 Software


Release 1.1 Features
Release 1.1 Software

Frequently Asked Questions

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