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Paradyn 4.0 Features

Improvements | Unsupported Features


• Thorough multi-threaded support for AIX and Solaris
• Front-end now uses a preemptively multithreaded thread package
• Performance consultant can search multi-threaded applications
• Support for application fork and exec calls improved
• User notification of deferred metric-focus requests
• Substantial improvements in Paradyn start-up speed and scalability
• Front-end performance enhancement when many metric-focuses are sampled
• Paradyn and KernInst now use same visis (visualization programs)
• Enhanced histogram save functionality (now single file, tabular format)
• Improved support for using ssh for startup of monitored mpi applications
• Support on AIX for properly instrumenting functions when in system call
• Increased efficiency of accessing instrumentation variables in multi-threaded applications

Unsupported Features

• Exceptions
• stripped binaries
• 64-bit applications (except on IRIX and Tru64 UNIX)
• use of system() (except on Linux)



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Release 4.0 Features
Release 4.0 Software
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